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Organic Road

Organic Road

Hello there you lovely human. Guess what? You’re organic. I’m organic too. We should get together!

Follow me down the Organic Road. You’ll love our family of organic products. From nuts, dried fruit, peas & lentils, grains and your organic family staples. We’re 100% organic, 100% Australian owned and 100% yummy. We source the best organic foods from the finest producers.

Together, we can make the world a better place—one yummy bite at a time.


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Chosen Charities

Chosen Charities

Organic Road and brother company Pacific Organics support worthy causes that are doing amazing things for our environment and our community. We feel great about support their missions and we are excited to be given the opportunity to contribute to such noble causes. For more information on our chosen charities click here...

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa, pronounced keen-wa, is the seeds off a goosefoot or chenopodium plant. It is used as a grain, similar to couscous or rice. Quinoa is gluten free and high in protein and calcium. For more information on Quinoa view our on the road story.

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New Product Rice Syrup! news image

New Product Rice Syrup!

Organic Road has now a brown rice malt syrup. Its a great sugar substitute.