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Pacific Organics, like many small businesses, started in a small garage with a hired van back in 2004.

In 2006 with growing consumer demands for organic pre packed products. Organic Road was created. With an impressive label that not only caught the customers eye organic road pre packs provided a top quality food grade package for the premium organic market.

Five years later Pacific Organics has expanded significantly. Growing out of a shared space with other organic wholesalers and relocating to larger premises in Homebush Sydney. The New state of the art warehouse and packing facility is temperature controlled and has an on site quarantine inspection facility.

Pacific Organics sources only quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods. Creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible.

Ranging from 250g prepacks to 200 tonnes of product for private label packing and large bulk amounts for food manufactories and restaurants. Pacific Organics can cater for your business big or small.

Now with 10 full time organic specialists employed to keep the growing business running we have the staff and facilities to cater for the growing organic industry.

Cameron Comments:

The rate of growth in the Organic industry is really exciting people are starting to understand the importance of organics on a whole, the health side and the environmental side. With the growing interest we can really start to provide a large variety of organic products not only supporting Australian organic farmers but importing organic product from all over the world.

The founder of Pacific Organics Cameron Gough comes from a farming background in northern NSW. The 30 year old family run farm grows a variety of organic fruit and nut trees on the 30 acres.

This connection with the land and his farming background has proved to be a vital link giving the importance of the grower relations and providing a quality product to the retailers and customers now in search for the organic alternative.

With organics now more strongly filtering in the mainstream market. Pacific organics is the company to come to for all of your organic needs.